Daily Habits Fitness Tracker Planner Sticker Sheet

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If you're a planner or bullet journal lover, you'll definitely want to pick up our new sticker sheets! We have a new set of daily habits stickers to help keep you on track for your daily, weekly and monthly goals! 

Our 'Fitness Tracker' includes a mini checklist of the following, to keep you on track for the week: 

- Breakfast

- Gym

- Walks

- Stretches

- Water Goals

- Fruit & Veg

Each sheet is approx. 5 x 7 inches, and come with 6 boxes of trackers (will last for 6 weeks!).

These will fit in most planners and journals. 

Stickers are waterproof and once stuck down on paper will be difficult to remove.

Images and stickers are for personal use only, and cannot be copied or reproduced.